Here at SYKE, we create art that’s functional and comfortable. Helmed by creative artist and graphic designer Tri Vo since 1998, we’re a Melbourne based label that’s interested in producing designs that are distinctive and edgy. Street art and culture inspire us. We believe that t-shirts are the perfect medium to put designs on – the most basic staple in the wardrobe can be transformed into an avenue for your individual expression.


If you’re looking for something that’s a little less preppy and a little more underground, you’ve come to the right place. SYKE is the brand you heard of from the cool kids. Wearing SYKE is about being a part of the artistic experience.


Ten years on, our philosophy remains unchanged – to retain our creative independence, constantly push our own artistic boundaries, and produce art that speaks for itself. We have launched into more artistic mediums, now you’ll be able to have a piece of SYKE art hanging on your wall.

And ten years from now, you’ll still find us doing our own thing – creating unique designs for people like you.